Data sharing collections are repositories containing raw or preprocessed data, analysis code, and/or results from individual studies. Most of them are hosted in the Donders Institute's Data Repository or on the WIN's GitLab. Below is a list of papers and their respective collections. Click on the pdf icon for the paper and on the download icon to go to the data repository location.

Bryant KL, Manger PR, Bertelsen MF, Khrapitchev AA, Sallet J, Benn RA, & Mars RB (submitted) A comprehenive atlas of white matter tracts in a lesser ape, the lar gibbon
Available: tractography recipes, results files. Data will be made available under diffusion data

Mandino F, Vrooman RM, Foo HE, Yeow LY, Bolton TAW, Salvan P, Teoh CL, Lee CY, Beauchamp A, Luo S, Bi R, Zhang J, Lim GHT, Low N, Sallet J, Gigg J, Lerch JP, Mars RB, Olivo M, Fu Y, & Grandjean J (2022) A triple-network organization for the mouse brain. Molecular Psychiatry 27:865-872
Available: Preprocessed data, code
Poli F, Meyer M, Mars RB, & Hunnius S (2022) Contributions of expected learning progress and perceptual novelty to curiosity-driven exploration. Cognition 225:105119
Available: Analysis code

Bryant KL, Ardesch DJ, Roumazeilles L, Scholtens LH, Khrapitchev AA, Tendler BC, Wu W, Miller KL, Sallet J, Van den Heuvel MP, & Mars RB (2021) Diffusion MRI data, sulcal anatomy, and tractography for eight species from the Primate Brain Bank. Brain Structure and Function 226:2497-2509
Available: surface reconstructions, tractography recipes, results files. Data available under diffusion data
Kolling N, Braunsdorf M, Vijayakumar S, Bekkering H, Toni I, & Mars RB (2021) Constructing others' beliefs from one's own using medial frontal cortex. Journal of Neuroscience
Available: Results files, code
Roumazeilles L, Lange FJ, Benn RA, Andersson JLR, Bertelsen MF, Manger PR, Flach E, Khrapitchev AA, Bryant KL, Sallet J, & Mars RB (2021) Cortical morphology and white matter tractography of three phylogenetically distant primates: Evidence for a simian elaboration. Cerebral Cortex
Available: Results files, code
Roumazeilles L, Schurz M, Lojkiewiez M, Verhagen L, Schueffelgen U, Marche K, Mahmoodi A, Emberton A, Simpson K, Joly O, Khamassi M, Rushworth MFS, Mars RB, & Sallet J (2021) Social prediction modulates activity of macaque superior temporal cortex. Science Advances 7:eabh2392
Available: Stimuli, results files

Bryant KL, Li L, Eichert N, & Mars RB (2020) A comprehensive atlas of white matter tracts in the chimpanzee. PLoS Biology 18:3000971
Available: tractography protocols, results files
Eichert N, Robinson EC, Bryant KL, Jbabdi S, Jenkinson M, Li L, Krug K, Watkins KE, & Mars RB (2020) Cross-species cortical alignment identifies different types of anatomical reorganization in the primate temporal lobe. eLife 9:e53232
Available: code, results files
Roumazeilles L, Eichert N, Bryant KL, Folloni D, Sallet J, Vijayakumar S, et al. (2020) Longitudinal connections and the organization of the temporal cortex in macaques, great apes, and humans. PLoS Biology 18:e3000810
Available: code, tractography recipes, results files
Sallet J, Noonan MP, Thomas A, O'Reilly JX, Anderson J, Papageorgiou GK, Neubert FX, Ahmed B, Smith J, Bell AH, Buckley MJ, Roumazeilles L, Cuell S, Walton ME, Krug K, Mars RB, & Rushworth MFS Behavioral flexibility is associated with changes in structure and function distributed across a frontal cortical network in macaques. PLoS Biology 18:e3000605
Available: results files

Eichert N, Verhagen L, Folloni D, Jbabdi S, Khrapitchev AA, Sibson N, Mantini D, Sallet J, & Mars RB (2019) What is special about the human arcuate fasciculus? Lateralization, projections, and expansion. Cortex 118:107-115
Available: tractography protocols, results files
Folloni D, Sallet J, Khrapitchev AA, Sibson N, Verhagen L, & Mars RB (2019) Dichotomous organization of amygdala/temporal-prefrontal bundles in both humans and monkeys. eLife 8:e47175
Available: tractography protocols, results files
Mars RB, O'Muircheartaigh J, Folloni D, Li L, Glasser MF, Jbabdi S, & Bryant KL (2019) Concurrent analysis of white matter bundles and grey matter networks in the chimpanzee. Brain Structure and Function 224:1021-1033
Available: analysis code, results files
Vijayakumar S, Sallet J, Verhagen L, Folloni D, Medendorp WP, & Mars RB (2019) Mapping multiple principles of parietal-frontal cortical organization using functional connectivity. Brain Structure and Function 224:681-697
Available: analysis code, results files

Koch SBJ, Mars RB, Toni I, & Roelofs K (2018) Emotional control, reappraised. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews 95:528-534
Available: results files
Mars RB, Sotiropoulos SN, Passingham RE, Sallet J, Verhagen L, Khrapitchev AA, Sibson N, & Jbabdi S (2018) Whole brain comparative anatomy using connectivity blueprints. eLife 7:e35237
Available: tractography protocols, analysis code, results files