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This page lists some of the outreach activities people of the lab have been engaged in and some of the media coverage of studies that members of the lab have contributed to.

Home Academy: Brain evolution

Pub talk

Rogier's public lectures on brain evolution are now available from Home Academy.

Articles related to Matthias' social support paper

Download the paper

Radboud University Press release


As our lab is in both Oxford and Nijmegen, we have not failed to notice the effects of Brexit. Vox has twice interviewed Rogier on the topic:

Dilemma for scientists in the UK: return to the Netherlands or not? (Jan 11th, 2021) (Dutch)

Brexit ramifications already felt by Dutch researchers (March, 21st 2019) (Dutch)

Rogier debating brain evolution on Radboud Reflects



Articles related to Matthias' hierarchical model of social cognition

Download the paper

Radboud University press release

Forschung & Lehre (in German)

Infant attention study

Interview with Sabinne Hunnius on BNR radio about Francesco Poli's study showing that infants tailor their attention to maximize learning (in Dutch).

Comparison of mouse, monkey, ape, and human brains

In two recent studies, we compared the organization of the cortico-striatal system across mice, monkeys, and humans and the organization of the temporal association cortex between monkeys, apes, and humans. The website of the Donders Institute featured a press release about this work.

Suhas wins Radboud Talks 2019

Suhas Vijayakumar wins the prize for best scientific pitch of the Radboud University!

Neuro Nuggets

Suhas Vijayakumar's web series on what drives scientists.

Ultrasound brain stimulation

Articles related to the eLife and Neuron papers on focused ultrasound stimulation in non-human primates, led by Davide Folloni and Lennart Verhagen in Jerome Sallet's group:

Vox, the magazine of the Radboud University (in Dutch)

De Volkskrant (in Dutch)

Natural History Museum Oxford

Events at the Natural History Museum Oxford 2017

Rogier spoke at two events at the Natural History Museum Oxford in November 2017, the WINdow on the Brain and the Evolution of the Brain Masterclass.

Articles related to the PRIME-DE data release


News Medical

Brain Awareness Week 2017 talk in the pub

As part of 2017 Brain Awareness Week, Rogier gave a public lecture in the St Aldate's Tavern in Oxford on what makes the human brain unique.

Pub talk

The event was organized by Cristiana Vagnoni of Oxford Science Bar. Thanks very much!

PubhD Oxford talk by Davide

Pub talk

How can a molecule influence our social relationships? Davide explained how at St Aldate's Tavern in Oxford in May.

Articles related to Ivo Tavor and Saad Jbabdi's paper relating resting state fMRI to task-based responses

Download the paper

The Scientist

Various interviews and commentary

Interview with Suhas in the Donders Newsletter

An interview with Lennart Verhagen on Het Talige Brain blog (in Dutch).

Article by Mark Mieras in the Dutch Volkskrant of Dec 5th 2013 (in Dutch)

An interview with Rogier in Laboratory News

Articles related to MaryAnn Noonan's social dominance study

Download the paper

BBC News


Medical Daily (in Dutch)


Oxford University press release

Articles related to Franz-Xaver Neubert's ventral frontal parcellation study

Download the paper

Daily Mail

The Guardian

International Business Times


Nature World News (in Dutch)

Medical Daily


Articles related to MaryAnn Noonan's social network study

Scientific American


Daily Mail

Articles related to the publication of the TPJ in the macaque brain paper

Download the paper

New Scientist

Articles related to the publication of Nils Kolling's foraging study

Download the paper

Big think

Wetenschap24 (in Dutch)

Articles related to the publication of the macaque social brain study

Download the paper

News article in Psychologie Magazine (in Dutch)

Science podcast interview with Jerome Sallet

The World interview with me

Scientific American

Daily Mail

Articles related to the publication of the error observation in psychopathy study of Inti Brazil

Download the paper

Radboud University Press statement (in Dutch) (in Dutch)

Omroep Gelderland (in Dutch)

Nijmegen leeft (in Dutch)


Waarom een aap geen taal kan leren (about our collaborative project with Vitoria Piai's group, in Dutch)

Oeps! Foutendetectie in ons brein (written together with Ellen de Bruijn, in Dutch)

Articles related to Steve Fleming's changing one's mind paper

Download the paper

UCL press release

Articles related to Rogier's PhD defense (in Dutch)

Trouw (in Dutch)

Articles related to the publication of the error observation study

Download the paper

New York Times

Neuroscience for kids

Noorderlicht, site related to Ellen de Bruijn's Ph.D. thesis defense also includes link to radio interview with Rogier (in Dutch)